We provide the ability to create events, and have visitors to the site register for these events, such that a CSV of these event registration details can be exported.

The Events section, showing a list of events, most of which have expired, and so appear on the Past Events page.

The Events page, showing details of upcoming and past events.

Creating an event

When creating an event, there are a number of details that need to be provided:

An Event Entry, showing the Event Date, Event Publish Date and Expiry Date.

An event on the front of the site. The Event Registration form appears because the Event Publish Date has occurred, but the Event Date hasn't yet occurred.

Event registrations

Event registrations can be viewed in the Entries => Event Registrations section, and include the details of the event the person has registered for, as well as their personal details that they entered on the event registration form.

Event registrations can be viewed in the Entries => Event Registrations section.

Exporting event registrations

When event registrations need to be exported to a CSV file, an Export can be performed via the Export CSV => Report menu.

Exporting is a two-step process:

Note that as well as letting you export event registrations, this screen also allows you to export orders in a similar fashion.

The image above shows what happens once the generate button is clicked: the toast message CSV generator started appears, and so too does the Exporting CSV task, running immediately above it. Once the Exporting CSV task has completed, then you can click the download button to download the CSV file.

When an event registration is exported, its status is set to "Expired" to indicate that it shouldn't be exported again, unless the "Status" field is changed accordingly.