News entries appear on the News page, ordered by date. Note that you can change the date of a given News entry as you wish.

To create a new News entry, navigate to Entries => News, and click the "New entry" button.

The entries display, filtered to show the News entries.

A new News entry.

Note the following fields on the righthand sidebar:

The Title is mandatory, and the Blurb is used to populate the search index.

The Metadata tab for a news Entry, showing the Title and the Blurb.

Note the News Category selections near the bottom of the image above: these are used to determine which parts of the site the news article will be associated.

In this case, the following categories have been chosen:

The above image shows a the main content in the Content tab for a news Entry. The Body is where the News content will be entered, using the Rich Text editor.

On the News page on the front of the site, News entries are listed in date order, with a "View story" link taking the user to the full article.