The site contains a Users section, used to configure the details of the users associated with the site.

User groups

Permissions are typically controlled via User Groups, and we currently have the following user groups:


Users that have been assigned the "Editors" User Group can perform most tasks in the system, including: 


The only sub-section that you need to be familiar with is that titled Executive. The sub-section controls the details of the users that appear on the front of the site in the Executive Committee page.

The Executive sub-section in the users section, showing the user profiles that appear on the front of the site in the Executive Committee page.

The Executive Committee page on the front of the site.

Creating or editing a user

In order for a user to appear correctly on the Executive Committee page with the appropriate details, we need to provide values for a number of fields across a series of tabs, as shown below.

Note that users in the Executive sub-section are left with a status of pending; as we are only employing Craft's user functionality in order to list certain users on the front of the site, and not to allow the users themselves to log in to the site, we don't want the users to have an active status.

The Account tab, showing the Full Name, photo, and email fields that are used when  displaying the user in the Executive Committee page

The Organisation tab, showing the Organisation and Position fields used when displaying the user in the Executive Committee page

The Executive tab, showing the Executive User Groups field, which controls the section of the Executive Committee page that the user appears in, and the Rank field, only needed if there is a need to rank the user within the section of the Executive Committee page.

The Permissions tab, showing that we've assigned this user to the Executive User Group, meaning that they will appear on the the Executive Committee page.