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13 November 2018

Biosecurity 2025 Implementation Plan Launched Today 13/11/18

United Fresh was pleased to be part of the Biosecurity New Zealand Forum in Auckland today where the  Biosecurity 2025 Implementation Plan was launched by the Biosecurity 2025 Steering Group.

The plan is the next step in working towards strengthening our country’s biosecurity system, by explaining how we’ve collectively agreed to deliver the goals and outcomes of the Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement.

How the plan came together

In preparing this plan, five working groups made up of a dedicated team of system leaders (80 people and 60 organisations) prepared five work plans to jump-start each strategic direction, identifying over 100 actions we need to take. The Steering Group then brought together all the thoughts, ideas, actions, wants and desires of everyone from across the system to develop the Implementation Plan.

What’s in the Implementation Plan?

The Implementation Plan is a framework to support five key programmes of work to deliver on the goals and aims of the Direction Statement.

Within the five programmes there are a number of ‘catalyst projects’ which, over the next two years, will help us kick-start the work and begin to build the foundations for a resilient biosecurity system.

A number of these projects are already underway and there’s plenty more in the early stages of development. Find out more about the Biosecurity 2025 Work Programmes.

It takes all of us to protect what we’ve got

The success of this plan depends on everyone being involved. It’s our collective responsibility and we need to unlock our collective potential, make the connections, build trust and confidence and create a knowledge base for all so that everyone can play their part.