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13 February 2017

Fruit in Schools reaches record numbers for 2017

Fruit in Schools reaches record numbers for 2017

More than 104,000 students are benefitting from the successful Fruit in Schools initiative as a new term kicks off in 2017. 

We're continuing to get overwhelmingly positive feedback from school leaders about the success of Fruit in Schools and it is great to see a initiative like this making a real difference, every day.

For 2017, 543 schools will take part in Fruit in Schools, which sees high quality seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered each week by United Fresh members. Up to 24 different types of fruit and vegetables are on the menu throughout the country and based on 2016 figures, more than 20 million servings of produce will be dished up over the four terms of 2017. 

Here's what some participating schools have to say: 

"It's always a pleasure to have plenty of fruit in our classrooms. It promotes healthy eating habits among our students. Healthy Eating is a school wide goal and availability of fruit in the classrooms contributes a lot to that.” 
Kathy Dooley, Principal, Mt Richmond School (Special School), Auckland 

"Our kura is a decile 1 school on the east coast of New Zealand, an hour up from Gisborne. We have 26 kids and every day our teacher aide cuts and prepares a platter of fruit to go into our two classes before morning tea and they absolutely devour the fruit we receive. It's as much a part of their day as their reading.” 
Murray Hawke, Principal, Hatea-A-Rangi, Gisborne 

The Government invests $7.8 million into the Fruit in Schools programme each year. This is being supported by the extra $568 million going into Health for 2016/17 – taking the total Health spend to a record $16.1 billion.