Women sweep Young Horticulture Awards and Future Plans for WiH

15th December 2023

Women sweep Young Horticulture Awards and Future Plans for WiH

Women sweep Young Horticulturist of the Year title

Three young wahine took out the top positions in the New Zealand Young Horticulturist of the Year competition. Nelson orchardist Meryn Whitehead won the coveted title with Auckland’s Renee Johnson and Lydia O’Dowd of Christchurch placing second and third respectively.

Held in November each year, the Young Horticulturist Competition is a grand final that brings together the best young talent in horticulture. Finalists are tested on their horticultural practical skills, leadership ability, speechcraft, business acumen, and industry knowledge.

Congratulations to Meryn, Renee and Lydia; they have a bright future in the horticulture industry.

Award Winners

Women in Horticulture Funding Update

The management of Women in Horticulture (WiH) is currently funded by United Fresh. Among other things, this includes running the database, Linkedin and website page.

Horticulture New Zealand and the MG Trust provided some funding this year which was greatly appreciated. This enabled us to run and sponsor regional workshops in 2023.

Earlier this week the MG Trust generously committed to funding a workshop in 2024. We’d like to thank the MG Trust for their ongoing support.

Other plans for Women in Horticulture in 2024 are contingent upon the outcomes of a funding application submitted to the Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures fund.

What we have planned for 2024

After positive feedback on our ‘Growing Confidence’ workshop, we aim to repeat this in various regions.

It is our hope to hold a national event later in 2024 to further connect wahine from across Aotearoa and provide inspiration to further their careers in horticulture.

Want more information?

For more information on WiH and our Executive Committee click here. Please encourage your colleagues to join our network.

We wish you all a safe and fun holiday season.