Food Safety Risk Framework Project

15 October 2020

Food Safety Risk Framework Project

In recent years, the United Fresh Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has been actively involved in a range of industry good technical projects that have a whole of industry impact especially upon the New Zealand Domestic fresh produce market.

The outputs of the various industry projects are available to members at

At an industry meeting jointly held by United Fresh and The New Zealand Food Safety Science Research Centre (NZFSSRC) in February 2020 it was agreed that a longer-term whole of industry Food Safety Risk Framework was increasingly important.

The objective of the Food Safety Risk Framework project is to provide to industry a science based New Zealand centric framework that identifies the highest food safety risks to the industry and allows effective targeting of research funds and activities.

We are now happy to announce that United Fresh is supporting the joint project along with NZFSSRC and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), with support from ESR and Plant & Food Research specialists.

This project will run from October 2020 to June 2021.

United Fresh will provide coordination support in working with industry organisations, industry communications and organising workshops to ensure that project outcomes are made widely available to all contributors and industry bodies.

We are seeking support in following areas:

  1. Permitting ESR or Plant & Food Researchers’ access to some of the research and data held either within sector groups or private organizations on a confidential basis.
  2. We will be asking several industry experts to be part of an advisory panel to ensure the work is practically oriented with outcomes for the fresh produce industry.

This is an important project going forward and your support would be appreciated.

Please feel free to contact United Fresh’s Food Safety Representative, Anne-Marie Arts, with any questions or comments you may have.  Phone 027 279 5550 or email