United Fresh Food Safety Newsletter - October 2019

24 October 2019

United Fresh Food Safety Newsletter - October 2019

Welcome to the second edition of our United Fresh bi-monthly Food Safety Update. These updates will provide you with snapshot of information on topical and relevant food safety issues including links to allow you to take your knowledge further.  

We welcome your feedback on this service as well as any questions and comments on the topics included.

In this issue we are looking at three articles on climate change and its potential impact on foodborne illness, production and business management.

Climate change is a result of greenhouse pollutants (e.g. carbon dioxide and methane) collecting in the atmosphere, where they act as a blanket, warming the surface of the Earth. These gasses mainly come from human activities such as burning oil, coal and gas, as well as industrial agriculture.  As the world warms up, we are experiencing more and more devastating cyclones, droughts, floods, food shortages, sea level rise and coastal erosion.

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