Fruit in Schools – Quotes from teachers' in 2017

Our much-appreciated fruit deliveries are working well. The deliveries are reliable and the quantities are generous. Children wait for the morning delivery of fruit with great anticipation. They are excited to see which varieties of fruit they will enjoy for the day. For many it provides an opportunity to taste varieties of fruit that that they would not otherwise have a chance to eat, e.g. apricots, melon, plums, nectarines and pineapple. Carrots, cherry tomatoes and bananas are firm favourites. For some children, the fruit they have in class is the only non-packaged fresh food item they will have in a day. As some of our children become increasingly remote from sources of fresh food, the nutritional benefits, as well as the routine of eating fresh food contributes to the current and future well-being of our children.
Carlton School, Whanganui, 2017


Fruit is lovely, wonderful. This year the tamariki are learning about a new vegetable each week and have science and cooking lessons with it.  It is the whole package of learning. The children look for it morning tea and lunchtime.  For some of our whanau who are on tight budgets, it supports their child’s lunch too. Thank you very much.
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Otepoti, Otago, 2017


We are very happy with our fruit in schools programme and have had no problem with the delivery. This programme is excellent and plays a positive role for our students promoting healthy eating in schools. A lot of our students go without fruit at home and look forward to coming to school. Our school really appreciate   5 + A Day Charitable Trust's Help.
Ngata Memorial College, Gisborne, 2017


I just want to say thanks for all of the organising you do to ensure the kids at my school get their fruit daily. This is the only fruit that many of our kids get to have, so we are very grateful. Have a great rest of your day and a big thanks from us here at Naenae Intermediate. Nga mihi mahana.

Naenae Intermediate, Gisborne, 2017


 The Owairaka District School Team (school - learning community) are completely grateful that our school has the opportunity to receive fruit deliveries. This smooth operation provides a healthy food option through our children's learning day. The children get to try different food (expand and vary diets) and receive the benefits (nutritionally - hooray!). This year some children noted they had never tried a water melon or a rock melon ... which they loved! We are very keen to extend the message re healthy food options. We are a Health Promoting School. Healthy food, in this case, fruit (we believe) does impact learning - our children's ability to focus - ready for learning. This food does 'feed' the mind (brain) as well as our growing bodies. Teachers/Children will share the fruit strategically - sometimes in the afternoon to provide energy to finish the learning day focused. There is always a healthy food option for any of our children who may have a 'smaller lunch' than others. (We are sure there are benefits too re healthy teeth - our children being fuelled for physical activity.
Owairaka District School, Auckland, 2017


 I work in the office and do the fruit in schools monitoring each Monday and Wednesday we have our fruit leaders come in and sort through the fruit, place the containers in each classroom and they are ready for their healthy treat. This year the fruit has really been great, the children have it for their morning tea and at lunchtime, they have it on hand so they never run out or say they are hungry, the fruit is always there for a healthy choice and we appreciate this. We have families that are very grateful that we get Fruit in Schools.
Bamford School, Canterbury, 2017