Trust Alliance New Zealand Update

10th March 2023

Trust Alliance New Zealand Update

Fresh Produce Traceability is a challenge internationally. Modern supply chain complexity means they need to become more seamlessly digitised, to easily & quickly transmit consistent information throughout the supply chain, especially during a crisis.

Trust Alliance New Zealand (TANZ) is a consortium of parties from across the primary industry sector and the relevant supply chains, aiming to develop “A trusted digital network for New Zealand producers, growers, exporters, retailers & consumers to easily share trusted data.”

TANZ is chaired by Chris Claridge, who members may also know from his role as Chief Executive of United Fresh member organisation Potatoes New Zealand Inc.

United Fresh is currently progressing reciprocal membership with TANZ, and is attending TANZ member meetings. At the most recent TANZ meeting, Traceability projects in New Zealand, and globally, were discussed. Here are some highlights:

  • The United Nations is working on implementing a verifiable digital identity system for both people and physical items, based on uniquely generated “verifiable credentials”.
  • The New Zealand Government’s “Fit for a Better World” Traceability Project is now 2 years into its 10-year timeframe, with more Traceability work expected in 2023.
  • The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) are developing a structure on how data interoperability (the use of the same set of data across multiple systems) can work in New Zealand, and how this may affect regulations and initiatives going forward.
  • MfE is working on implementing an Integrated National Farm Platform (INFP), aiming to collect data in a consistent and interoperable manner, that can be used by all councils, the government, and farmers and growers.
  • The Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures (SFFF) Digital Farm Environment Plan project TANZ is managing is now wrapping up. The next Phase of this project is now being scoped by TANZ, and may pair with MPI work being undertaken.
  • Europe has released a whitepaper on Digital Identities (DIDs) which is now being analysed for how the European findings may feed into TANZ’s DID work.
  • TANZ is still engaging with Datacom and the red meat industry on how to implement traceability through the red meat supply chain.
  • TANZ’s Data Interoperability Working Group (DIWG) is maintaining TANZ alignment with government initiatives, with farmers/growers and agritech as the central focus (including water, emissions, and biosecurity, as sub-focuses). MPI is part of the DIWG, incorporating DIWG learnings into its Traceability work.

United Fresh will continue to engage with TANZ in 2023, and seek to understand how Traceability may be implemented at an industry level.

However, it is suggested that members begin to consider how the implementation of new Traceability regulations may affect their business in the coming years, due to the increasing importance of Traceability in the future direction of the industry.