United Fresh Food Safety Policy Statement 2021

The positive impact fresh fruit and vegetables have on the health and well-being of consumers needs to be underpinned through a proactive best practice approach to all Food Safety related matters. Food Safety is a concern for all links in the fresh produce value chain. United Fresh, as the only pan industry body in the New Zealand horticulture and produce sectors, is in a pivotal position in terms of engaging nationally and globally with government, regulating authorities and knowledge providers to ensure members interests are taken into account.

Food Safety issues typically arise in relation to production, post-harvest management and handling of fruit and vegetables. These processes are very much influenced by geographic, climatic environmental and regulatory factors which advocates an ongoing need for a New Zealand focused approach to finding sustainable food safety solutions for our industry.

As these are highly technical areas, United Fresh partners with its member, The AgriChain Centre to manage our Food Safety activities. Anne-Marie Arts heads The AgriChain Centres Food Safety team and is the United Fresh Food Safety spokesperson. Dr Hans Maurer serves as the New Zealand Director of the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS). IFPS engages on a global basis with organisations such as the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Global Gap, the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), all of which influence how United Fresh members go about their Food Safety related business.

Our involvement with the IFPS allows access to international resources and relevant information to ensure members are kept abreast of developments in this very important field.

Food Safety Updates

Guidance for Harvesting Produce Affected by Flood Waters

Horticulture New Zealand with MPI and New Zealand Food Safety have developed some guidance and advice for growers in regard to flood-affected produce.

New Zealand Food Safety advise that these are living documents and will be updated frequently to ensure the guidance continues to be accurate and relevant for growers, now and for future events.

You will find both the Guidance for Harvesting Produce Affected by Flood Waters and the Grower Decision Tree for Flood Affected Produce below:

Reports Available

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The Food Safety & Traceability Position Paper - Download PDF

Webinar Updates

AIFST Webinar - Food Irradiation – Understanding an Underutilized Technology - Sep 2021

NZFSSRC Webinar - Potential Chemical Contamination in Food - Sep 2021