Fruit in Schools – Quotes from teachers' in 2018

“For us it is around learning and for children to be able to learn which means children have to have good, healthy food which the fruit provides. We also want them to learn to make good choices. We support the programme and would like to keep it going.”

Owairaka District School, Auckland, August 2018


“There is no doubt that Fruit in Schools has had a huge impact upon our students' health and well being. We are seeing far fewer skin sores and our attendance overall has really improved. Also, student concentration has improved. I like your efficiency in getting our fruit to school  - very reliable.”

Clendon Park School, Counties Manukau, August 2018


“Pre-teen children are not always good at making sure they bring lunch and eat well.  As they are growing and changing so rapidly it is hugely important they do. Fruit in Schools ensures every one of our students has healthy options for food at school, every day. Fruit in Schools helps us to train healthy eating habits diminishing the need for sugary junk foods. Fruit in Schools contributions make sure that school resources and focus remains on holistic learning and 'academic progress'.  Fruit in Schools helps our students to focus and that they supported to be in classes. Because of the way they provide the fruit, our adults (teachers, teacher aides, and visitors alike) model healthy eating.  There is always a bowl of fruit in every room and any left over items are used in our Foods Room or sent home to families in need. We eat together, we learn together, we share our challenges and triumphs.”

Papatoetoe Intermediate School, Counties Manuaku, August 2018


“Certainly health and wellbeing has been enhanced since the children have access to fruit regularly. A child with food is a happy child and a happy child learns. The children are interested in picking up the fruit and since Fruit in Schools began they are keen to try new fruit.”

Naenae Primary School, Lower Hutt, August 2018


“When we look at holistic well-being of children, Fruit in Schools eases the anxiety of the where the next meal is coming from for parents and children. Our parents are predominantly working and not on benefits but are still low income and are committed to education but the luxury of providing healthy food is still unobtainable.  Fruit in Schools removes that barrier of anxiety, children are engaging in accelerated learning and taking learning risks which is evident in National Standards (reading, writing, maths etc.) over the last two years.”

Cobham School, Gisborne, August 2018


“There is no doubt what the Fruit in Schools Scheme provides for the children at Levin East School. Our community is not well off and we rely on the support of groups such as yours.  Our children benefit from the fruit as they know that, no matter what, there will be something healthy and substantial to eat every day.

There is also a social positive, as the sharing of fruit supports children to come together and enjoy each other's company around, what should be, a simple pleasure. Can I please pass on my absolute gratitude for the ongoing support of our kids through this programme. Ngā mihi mahana.”

Levin East School, Mid Central, August 2018