Fruit in Schools – Quotes from Principals and teachers' in 2021

"The fruit is an absolute privilege, the children are more accommodating of trying different varieties and we can see the difference it makes to them and the benefits they gain. Fruit is number one for us, it is part of the culture and we have confidence that the lunches next year will become the norm like our fruit."

Te Papapa School, Auckland, 2021


"Everything is perfect, before I was acting principal, I was school SENCO which deals with social issues and I have noticed the general health and well-being of children has improved since the children have had fruit, school sores have all but disappeared. Any leftover fruit is put in our papakaianga so we share with the community, the fruit is brilliant, thank you."

Allandale School, Bay of Plenty, 2021


"Our fruit is delivered by 9.30am on a Monday and Wednesday, our juniors have as certain time to eat their fruit and our senior classes can graze anytrime but they must eat their fruit in class. We have alot of hungry children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to try the variety of fruit that Fruit in Schools provides, basic healthy food which helps their concentration. We have good systems in place for fruit distribution and we cut the fruit and have more uptake."

Wharenui School, Canterbury, 2021


"Fruit in Schools is brilliant, the children are very lucky, and they know it, the fruit is vitally important to the teaching and learning and fills the gap between breakfast and lunch. I definitely know the difference the fruit makes as I've taught in schools without it."

Kaingaroa Forest School, Lakes, 2021


"Our children love fruit. When we first started this fruit incentive, children seemed hesitant about eating fruit. But over the years we have seen children now love to eat fruit. It has become an important part of their daily diet. It is great for children who do not have breakfast, or their lunches are not enough to fill them up. I have noticed children are eating less sugary snack foods at playtime and preferring to eat the fruit. It is a very worthwhile incentive and I hope it continues. Thank you."

Bairds Mainfreight School, Cunties Manukau, 2021

"Our fruit deliveries are going well. The fruit is of such high quality and our students appreciate this. We never have left-over fruit and classroom bowls are refilled each day. My class is responsible for delivering the fruit to each class and have been doing so for the last three years. I have a couple of monitors - one in particular who has high learning needs, who enjoy doing this job every day. It has given him a sense of responsibility and he does it well. One of our 3 main school charter goals this year is health & well-being, so as a school we are really focusing on our students' health. The Fruit in Schools programme supports this 100%. Thank you once again for the great service that you provide for our school."

Illminster Intermediate, Gisborne, 2021


"The children have their brain food break at 10 am and it’s most important because it allows the children to be focused, the parents find it too expensive to provide for the children every day. You are what you eat and you can see the difference with the children and FIS ties in with healthy lunches, we very rarely have any left over. The poverty and equity gap is getting bigger and bigger, staples like fruit and vegetables have gone, unhealthy options have a cheaper price point than healthy options. Education priorities need to focus on issues outside of education that support students equity and learning and FIS supports that."

Mayfair School, Hawkes Bay, 2021


"The fruit is so nice to have, we certainly missed it last week under lock down, it's such a godsend. We had fruit platters for breakfast a few weeks ago and the children just loved it, it is so good to provide fruit - a balanced diet."

Pomare School, Hutt Valley, 2021


"We certainly find it really useful, children take on board what is healthy, we usually have the fruit at brain breaks and there’s a marked increase in concentration. FIS provides a good old opportunity to model behaviour and have something really healthy."

Grantlea Downs, South Canterbury, 2021